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2nd hour TEST - History 1001 Topic II I. Greek Drama (5th...

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History 1001 Topic II I. Greek Drama (5 th Century BC in Greece) A. Origin and Characteristics of Plays 1. Festivals to Dionysus a. The plays were all performed as festivals to Dionysus. i. Scholars guess that people wrote songs during these festivals. ii. The songs were sung and then other people started to put dance to it. iii. Then skits started to evolve to tell what the song was about. iv. Plays started to evolve from these skits 2. Thespis (534 BC) a. Won the earliest best acting awards known in 534 BC. 3. City Dionysia a. A festival in the honor of Dionysus that lasted a week during March. b. Plays were performed. 4. Lenaean Festival a. In January. Not much known about this one. 5. Rural Dionysia a. Would be held in villages surrounding Athens. b. Any time of the year. c. Only place a play might be repeated. 6. Structure of competition i. Three Tragedies Tragedy writers had to submit three plays, a trilogy. ii. Three to five Comedies. Comedy writers only had to submit one play 7. Chorus a. Paid for by the producer who was wealthy. i. He would buy costumes and backdrop. b. 10-12 people c. Served a variety of purposes d. Would comment on what was going on e. Provide the audience with background f. Spoke together 8. Stage a. Three actors allowed on stage that played all the parts i. They started to use masks because they also played women’s parts. B. Tragedies 1. Aeschylus a. Wrote at least 80 plays and we have 7 left. b. 525-456 BC c. Oresteia Trilogy i. Characters Orestes Son of Agamemnon
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Agamemnon King of Greece that hears from the god that if he sacrificed his daughter he would win the war at Troy. Iphegenia Sacrificed daughter of Agamemnon Clytemnestra Wife of Orestes that plots to kill Agamemnon Electra Electra and Orestes are their two other kids. Goes to Orestes and says you must kill the person who killed our father, but the person who killed their father was their mother. Orestes kills their mother, Clytemnestra. Harpies Mythical beasts that persecute men who treat women poorly. Three creatures that chase Orestes around Greece. Athena Comes down and says they will put Orestes on trial in Athens. The case is laid out and the jury votes into a tie. She steps in and says we’re going to call this justified. ii. Importance of Justice Justice becomes an obsession with the Greeks because they believe the safety of the city rests on it. Justice is hard. 2. Sophocles a. 496-406 BC b. Wrote 125 plays and one that won best play 25 times. c. Oedipus the King i. Prophecy: Murder his father and marry his mother ii. King Laius and Queen Jocasta of Thebes Have a son name Oedipus under the prophecy. When he was born they brought him to this hill where people brought their
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2nd hour TEST - History 1001 Topic II I. Greek Drama (5th...

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