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Assignment7 - zero at the top of the mast and the earth to...

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EC501_Assignment(2008) (Antennas and Radiating Systems) 1.A small filamentary rectangular loop of dimension L x and L y lies in the xy-plane with its center at the origin and sides parallel to x- and y-axes. The loop carries a current i ( t )= I 0 cos t . Assuming L x and L y to be much less than the wavelength, Find the instantaneous expression for the following the quantities at a point in the far zone: a)vector magnetic potential A, b)electric field intensity E , c)magnetic field intensity H . 2.The transmitting antenna of a radio navigation system is a vertical metal mast 40(m) in height insulated from the earth. A 180(kHz) source sends a current having an amplitude of 100(A) in to the base of the mast. Assuming the current amplitude in the antenna to decrease linearly toward
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Unformatted text preview: zero at the top of the mast and the earth to be a perfectly conducting plane, determine: a)the effective length of the antenna , b)the maximum field intensity at a distance 160(km) from the antenna , c)the time-average radiated power, d)the radiation resistance. 3.Sketch the polar radiation pattern versus for a thin dipole antenna of total length 2 h =1.25 . Determine the width of the main beam between the first nulls. 4.Derive the expressions for the electromagnetic field in the far zone of a small filamentary loop of radius 'b' carrying a uniform time-harmonic current, i ( t )= I cos t , around its circumference....
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