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EC 501 Assignment 5 (2008) (Uniform plane waves and plane waves at boundaries) 1. An H field in free space is given as H (x, t) = 10 cos(10 8 t - β x) â y A/m. Find: (a) β ; (b) λ ; (c) E (x, t) at P (0.1, 0.2, 0.3) at t = 1 ns. 2. A uniform plane wave in free space has electric field vector given by E s = 10 e jβx â z + 10 e jβx â y V/m. (a) Describe the wave polarization: (b) Find H s ; (c) determine the average power density in the wave in W/m 2 . 3. The plane y=0 defines the boundary between two different dielectrics. For y < 0, ε′ R1 = 1, μ 1 = μ 0 , and ε″ R1 = 0; and for y > 0 , ε′ R2 = 5, μ 2 = μ 0 , and ε″ R2 = 0. Let E z1 + = 150 cos(ω t – 8y) V/m, and find: (a) ω ; (b) H 1 + ;(c); H 1 - . 4. A left-circularly polarized plane wave is normally incident on to the surface of a perfect conductor. (a) Construct the superposition of the incident and reflected waves
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Unformatted text preview: in phasor form. (b) Determine the real instantaneous form of the result of part a. (c) Describe the wave that is formed. 5. A dielectric waveguide is shown in the figure below with refractive indices as labeled. Incident light enters the guide at angle from the front surface normal as shown. Once inside, the light totally reflects at the upper n 1- n 2 interface, where n 1 > n 2 . All subsequent reflections from the upper and lower boundaries will be total as well, and so the light is confined to the guide. Express , in terms of n 1 and n 2 , the maximum value of such that total confinement will occur, with n = 1. The quantity sin is known as the numerical aperture of the guide....
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