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EC501-Wave Propagation and Radiation Assignment 1 1. Given a point P (-2,6,3) and vector A = y a x + (x+z) a y . Evaluate A at P in cylindrical & spherical systems. 2. Given the vector field at point (1,π/3,0) is H = ρz cosφ a ρ + sinφ/2 a φ + a z . Calculate: a) H a x b) H a θ c) The vector component of H normal to surface ρ = 1. d) The scalar component of H tangential to the plane z = 0. 3. A point charge Q 1 = 10μC is located at P 1 (1,2,3) in free space, while charge Q 2 = - 5 μC is at P 2 (1,2,10). (a) Find the vector force exerted on Q 2 by Q 1 . (b) Find the co-ordinates of P 3 at which a point charge Q 3 experiences no force. 4. Four point charges each 10μC, are plac ed in free space at points (5,0,0) , (-5,0,0) ,(0,5,0) and (0,-5,0)m respectively. Determine the force on a point charge of 100μC located at point (0,0,5)m. 5. Four 3-pC charges are at the corners of a 1-m square. The two charges on the left side of the square are positive. The two charges on the right side are negative. Find the field
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