Week 02--creative middle way solutions to moral problems

Week 02--creative middle way solutions to moral problems
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Creative Middle Way Solutions to Moral Problems
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1. Easy Choices One obligation clearly outweighs the other: An engineer is considering specifying a product that is only slightly cheaper, but of much lower quality and clearly unsafe. -Conflicting Values: a) Slightly lower price vs. b) Longer Life and Safety
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2. Hard Choices Conflicting values of roughly equal weight or at least both of great value Example of Quaker Engineer: a) Religious obligation vs. b) Obligation to family
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Example #1 A supervisor asks a student to fill out a time sheet indicating he worked on Project B when he in fact worked on Project A. The supervisor had money for Project B, but had run out of money for project A. -Conflicting Values a) Summer job vs. b) Professional and personal integrity, risk of legal problems Student: “I will just work for nothing on that project” -Supervisor paid student out of his own pocket
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Example #2 An businessperson in Egypt is asked for a bribe. Conflicting values: a) Getting the business vs. b) Personal integrity and perhaps legal
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