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1 Chapter 1 What is Project Management? Project Management for Business, Engineering, and Technology Management Functions Planning Control Leadership Organizing Purpose or Goal Change Characteristics of Projects Goal-oriented Aims at a specific end result or deliverables Somewhat unique Non-routine Time- and resource-constrained Temporary; has target completion date and target cost Cross-functional Cross-disciplinary Cross-organizational Somewhat unfamiliar and risky Involves something new or different Something is at stake Follows logical sequence or progression of phases or stages What is “Project Management?” Simple Definition Management to accomplish project goals. What is “Project Management?” Longer Definition Management to Define and execute everything necessary to complete a complex system of tasks Achieve project end results that might be unique and unfamiliar And do it by target completion date with constrained resources with an organization that is cross-functional and newly - formed Characteristics of Projects 1. A single person, the project manager, heads the project organization. The project organization reflects the cross-functional, goal-oriented, temporary nature of the project. 2. The project manager is the person who brings together all efforts to meet project objectives. 3. Project requires a variety of skills and resources, and is performed by people from different functional areas or by outside contractors. 4. The project manager integrates people from different areas and disciplines in the project.
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2 Characteristics of Projects 5. Project manager negotiates with functional managers for personnel. Functional managers responsible for work tasks and personnel in the project; project manager responsible for integrating tasks. 6. Project manager focuses on delivering product or
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02~chapter_01 - Chapter 1 What is Project Management...

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