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Reading2 - 43 Answer the following questions List the root...

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Reading2 K. F. Reinschmidt Page 1 9/3/2010 Texas A&M UNIVERSITY Dwight Look College of Engineering CVEN 333-501 / ISEN 333-501 / MEEN 333-501 Project Management for Engineers Reading Assignment Number 2 Week of 6 September 2010 For Tuesday 7 September: Review Figure 1-3 and Figure 1-4 in Chapter 1 of the textbook. Be sure that you know the definition of a matrix organization and the pros and costs of such an organizational structure. Which organization structure do your think would be best for you, as an engineer on a project? Which would be best for you as an assistant project manager? For Tuesday 7 September: Read Chapter 2 of the textbook. Study Example 1: Life and Death of an Aircraft Development Project, pages 40 –
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Unformatted text preview: 43. Answer the following questions. List the root causes of the problems with - and the ultimate failure of - the TSR fighter. Why were contractors difficult to control? When do you think everyone connected with the project first know it was in trouble? Why do you think the participants persisted in such dysfunctional behavior? Be prepared to discuss this case in class. For Thursday 9 September: Read Chapter 3 of the textbook. Study Case 3-1 West Coast University Medical Center Was this project a success? What were the outcomes? Identify the root causes for these outcomes Be prepared to discuss this case in class....
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