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University of Florida EEL 3701 — Fall 2010 Dr. Eric M. Schwartz 25-Aug-10 Page 1/3 Revision 0 LAB 1: Introduction to Laboratory Equipment OBJECTIVES The objectives of this lab are to familiarize the students with the EEL 3701 lab prototyping environment, to start to build strong debug techniques in the students and to give the students an opportunity to exercise the Altera Quartus circuit design/simulation software tool. MATERIALS Printouts (required) of the below documents: Parts List (from lab 0) Pinouts of our 74’xxx parts Your prelab design and simulation. All designs and simulations done in pre-lab must be printed and brought to lab (for this lab and every lab). All pre-lab material is turned in at the beginning of lab. You will not get this paperwork back until the following week. If you think you will need this material during lab, you should make a second copy for yourself before coming to lab. (This includes both computer generated printouts and hand written work.) Download onto your laptop (not just links): The lab assignment (this document) Hardware: Getting Started Quartus Tutorial Pinouts of our 74’xxx parts NOTE : I recommend that you also print and bring the above files to lab The toolbox containing the following were given to you in lab 0. Prototyping bread board, power supply, wires, multi-meter and chip extractor IC components, resistors, LEDs, and switches CPLD board parts Email all pre-lab design and simulation files (using Quartus’ archive feature) to [email protected] BEFORE the start of your lab. For email subject requirements, see the syllabus. INTRODUCTION The purpose of this lab is to illustrate the basic usage of the components founds in your toolbox and to test your ability to create a circuit in Quartus. Read through all the printouts list in the materials section of this document well before your lab . Parts 1 & 3 of this lab are informative only and do not require any pre-lab work. Part 2 however does have a pre-lab design for you to work through and this material will also be tested in lab by your TA. It is highly recommended that you take notes while your TA lectures or performs demonstrations. Feel free to ask question. You will be responsible for this all the material discussed. PRE-LAB REQUIREMENTS As described elsewhere in this document, you must do the following before lab and bring the documents and files to your lab section. (Two copies of each printout of your work are strongly adviced, since one copy of the printouts of your work will be submitted to the TA when you enter lab. You will also submit your design and simulation work by email BEFORE entering the lab.) Read all the required printouts before your lab. Bring all the printed lab documents.
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Lab1 - University of Florida Department of Electrical...

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