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EML 4920 Professional Orientation Fall 2010 Career Showcase Assignment This assignment is due Thursday September 30, 2010 (Input responses in the e-learning) Date of Career Showcase is Wednesday September 22, 2010 For this assignment, you are required to attend the Career Showcase. For technical areas, this is being held in the O’Connell Center on Wednesday Sept. 22, 2010 (9 am – 3 pm). At the Career Showcase you will be talking to potential employers. Select one potential engineering employer and find answers to the following questions: 1. Name of Company 2. Types of engineers they hire 3. What are their major products or services?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Types of continuing education opportunities they offer their employees 5. Do they have an orientation program for new engineering employees and does this program include topics on engineering ethics? 6. What types of elective courses do they find attractive for students to take 7. How much emphasis do they place on internship experience when recruiting for regular full time employees Write a paragraph that answers these seven questions. You may also include any additional information or interesting facts you learned about the company. Upload your paragraph via the e-learning web site....
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