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University of Florida EEL 3701 — Fall 2010 Dr. Eric M. Schwartz 27-Aug-10 Page 1/1 Revision 1 LAB 0: CPLD Board Construction OBJECTIVES The objective of this lab is to build the UF 3701 CPLD board. This board will be used in labs that start in a few weeks. To build this board, students will first learn electronics soldering techniques and then solder the parts on their UF 3701 CPLD boards MATERIALS Printouts ( required ) of the below documents: The lab assignment (this document) Lab Rules and Policies Parts List UF-3701 Board Contruction Guide Download onto your laptop (not just links): The lab assignment (this document) Quartus Installation Instructions USB Blaster Driver Installation Instructions Quartus code for testing UF-3701 Bring your laptop with Quartus installed and the above documents already downloaded. Bring your USB-Blaster cable (if you have it) Read the documents below (and above): Policy for missing a lab
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