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University of Florida 8/20/10 A. Antonio Arroyo, PhD Department of ECE EEL 4665/5666: Intelligent Machines Design Laboratory Eric M. Schwartz, PhD Guidelines for Demonstrations (No, this is not a political manifesto!) Almost predictably, a subsystem will fail in the course of a demonstration, leading to generally shared embarrassment and the collapse of any satisfying demonstration. Why does this phenomena occur so regularly? Some attribute demonstration failures to a particular quantum particle called demo-ons or, for those with a less mystical worldview, demons . I have a more prosaic reason. The demonstrator's desire to demonstrate the latest and most far-reaching achievements to date (namely, 3 A.M. that morning!) results in the presentation of rather poorly constructed or verified system modules, concepts, and operations. The following guidelines should help you to avoid this pitfall: 1. Stay on schedule so that you have plenty of time to prepare for the demonstration. 2. Do not try to do too much. A successful demonstration that does not quite feature all your results to date has
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  • Spring '10
  • scwartz
  • Eric M. Schwartz, Machines Design Laboratory, University of Florida Department of ECE, Intelligent Machines Design Laboratory, A. Antonio Arroyo

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