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University of Florida 8/20/10 A. Antonio Arroyo, PhD Department of ECE EEL 4665/5666: Intelligent Machines Design Laboratory Eric M. Schwartz, PhD LABORATORY NOTEBOOKS (Optional) Each student should maintain a separate laboratory notebook, even if the student is part of a team. Your notebook must contain a comprehensive, real-time documentation of the entire history of your contribution to your project. Another Electrical Engineer or Computer Engineer should be able to duplicate your work from your notebook. The notebook itself must consist of consecutively numbered bound pages. This helps establish chronological order, an important factor in patent law. Rules for Notebook Maintenance 1. All engineering notes, calculations, circuits, experimental procedures, collected data, tables, figures, theoretical assumptions, references used, problem statements and approach to solution, etc., must be entered directly into the notebook as you perform them, i.e., in real-time ! Write numbered headings for a major
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