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University of Florida 20-Aug-10 A. Antonio Arroyo, PhD Department of ECE EEL 4665/5666: Intelligent Machines Design Laboratory Eric M. Schwartz, PhD Guidelines for Weekly Reports The Weekly Reports provide the instructors a running commentary on your progress and an opportunity for you to provide us feedback about the course. We look for your comments on positive aspects of the laboratory, on problems you have encountered, on time spent, and for constructive comments on how we might improve the laboratory. You must write Weekly Reports in active voice, past tense, using the personal pronoun I where applicable . Place the heading, weekly report number, current date, your name, your TA's name, and your instructor's name as illustrated in the example below. The weekly report number should always be one less than the week number in the syllabus. Weekly reports are due every Thursday beginning with Thursday August 26, 2010. Example Weekly Report ______________________________________________________________________________ Date: 8/26/10 Student Name: Stu Dent TAs : Mike Pridgen Tim Martin Instructors: Dr. A. Antonio Arroyo
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