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University of Florida 20-Aug-10 A. Antonio Arroyo, PhD Department of ECE EEL 4665/5666: Intelligent Machines Design Laboratory Eric M. Schwartz, PhD 1 Guidelines for Written Reports Written reports in this class will be evaluated on the basis of the following guidelines. Layout and Design Title page Single column and single line spacing Consistent headings, no more than three levels Aesthetically pleasing, 12 point font (Times or Times Roman if possible), left-and-right justified Adequate margins and spacing Numbered pages, figures, equations, and tables Text references to all figures and tables in the body Figures and tables near text reference Syntax Correct Spelling Correct Grammar Correct punctuation Effective Sentence Structure (no run-on sentences) Effective Paragraph Structure (single concept per paragraph, good lead-in sentences, continuity) Effective Proofreading ( spelling and syntax error free, technical and logical correctness; read aloud for flow, understandability, and idea sequencing) Style Rational Organization Clear flow and description of ideas Effective use of tables, graphs, and figures. Clear and concrete wording (no vague references: given all of the above the robot... ) Sparing use of pronouns (often hard to determine antecedent)
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  • Eric M. Schwartz, PhD Eric M., Machines Design Laboratory, Intelligent Machines Design, University of Florida Department of ECE

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