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Case 1 Fall 2010 - Case 1 Corporate Finance: Capital...

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Unformatted text preview: Case 1 Corporate Finance: Capital Budgeting and Resource Allocation Case Diamond Chemicals PLC A and B, Case 20, 21. (Bruner 5:th edition) or Case Victoria Chemicals plc A and B, Case 22, 23. (Bruner 6:th edition) or Diamond Chemicals PLC A and B whatever number in other or regional editions The two cases shall be written as one project. Each group should hand in a final report plus be prepared to present their results at a seminar. The report should contain problems, methods, and relevant references well formulated and discussed, together with a thorough analysis (methods is a description how you solved the issues, and not a description of different valuation methods). Try to keep the reports short and concise. Please note, that references, properly used, in the text are included in the reference list. 10 pages maximum. At each seminar approximately 5 groups will attend. Each group must be prepared to present all parts of their reports. The responsible teacher for each seminar has the possibility to assign all parts of their reports....
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