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Nicole Pham np5379  UGS Global Inequalities 09-08-10 Response Essay 1 Diseases impact a nation’s population in a way in which it represents that country’s level of healthiness and fitness. Diseases characterize a person’s wellbeing, yet also places emphasis on what healthcare systems should focus on in order to improve conditions. They give way to showing people how their country is doing, as well as provides the basis on which indicators should be used to characterize a disease’s impact on society. Some common indicators include the environment, mortality and morbidity rates, and educational levels. In this essay, I will describe how these indicators are effective in determining a disease’s impact, and compare these indicators with other developing countries. The environment plays an important role in reading the impact of disease. As it is often the common cause of many diseases, what people choose to do with the environment in its aftermath is just as valuable. Dirty homes and streets, poor drinking water sources, and polluted skies are just a few of the many causes of disease worldwide. After an outbreak of disease, usually many measures of improving environmental conditions are enforced, especially in better off countries. However, lesser developed countries like that of Vietnam are unable to take action in purifying their environment, and therefore disease still continues to spread. In the less populated parts of Vietnam, people suffer with poor air quality, predominant in toxic and wastes. Environmental factors like this can lead to “elevated blood levels in children, pesticide
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Response Essay 1 - NicolePham np5379...

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