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April Mazur TR 12:30pm Optional Essay Revision The Da Vinci Code: An Excellent Example of a Thriller A thriller is described as being characterized by fast paced, frequent action, and resourceful heroes who must thwart the plans of more-powerful and better-equipped villains . Thrillers especially use devices such as suspense and cliffhangers . An very good example of a thriller is The Da Vinci Code . Not only a was Dan Brown’s, The Da Vinci Code , the number one book on New York Times ’ bestsellers list in 2004, it was turned into a movie in 2006. This thriller does a very good job portraying the characteristics of its genre. The movie, The Da Vinci Code , displays thriller criteria such as suspense, “good guys and bad guys,” mystery, and action. Briefly summarizing the plot of the The Da Vinci Code , one of the main characters is the symbologist, Robert Langdon, who is played by Tom Hanks. In Paris, Langdon is unwillingly and innocently thrown into the mysterious murder of The Museum Louvre’s curator and meets paths with the victim’s granddaughter and cryptologist, Sophie Neveu, played by Audrey Tautou . The pair find themselves on a wild chase for clues solving the murder and to find an even bigger truth about Christianity within not only Da Vinci’s paintings, but other items and places that were significant in his life. Of course, their quest is not left uninterrupted. Langdon and Neveu race against villains to find these clues and are betrayed by assumed allies. Suspense plays a very important role in all thriller movies. It is used to invoke
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davincicodereviewrevision - April Mazur TR 12:30pm Optional...

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