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rhetoricaltext - Hi I am a believably attractive 18 to 24...

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How do I feel about my period? Uh.. We are like this. I love it. I want to hold  really soft thing like my cat. I make me feel really pure. Sometimes I just want to run on  a beach. I like to twirl, maybe in slow motion and I do it in my white spandex and usu- ally by the third day I really just want to dance. The adds on TV are really helpful be- cause they use that blue liquid and I am like oh! that’s whats supposed to happen. (on  screen: Why are tampon ads so ridiculous?) U by Kotex a new line of tampons, pads, and  liners (BREAK THE CYCLE) 
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Unformatted text preview: Hi. I am a believably attractive 18 to 24 year old female. You can relate to me be-cause I am racially ambiguous. And I am in this tampon commercial because market re-search shows girls like you love girls like me. Don’t all these angles me look dynamic? Now I am going to tell you to buy something. Buy the same tampons I use because I am wearing white pants and I have great hair and you wish you could be me. (on screen: Why are tampon ads so obnoxious?) U by Kotex a new line of tampons, pads, and liners (BREAK THE CYCLE)...
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