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2 Amy Callaway English 4750 Dr. Rausch Workshop “Just Breathe . Depending on the receiver a message can be interpreted in a variety of ways. The dictionary by Webster alone gives over fifteen definitions for the verb to breathe the first one being to draw air into and expel it from the lungs. Breathing distinguishes the living from the non living. However to breathe serves a purpose beyond the simple act of taking in air, the verb represents more than one need and Emma Graham discovered just what those needs are thanks to Shane Bradley. -------------------------------------------------------- inhale --------------------------------------------------- Cain Creighton knocked Emma Graham down during some childish game of kickball and tore her dress in the first grade. Shane Bradley kicked Cain in the shins and picked Emma up from the ground then with downward set eyes his foot pushing up dirt offered her half his sandwich. They did everything together after that; Emma even went as far as to follow Shane in the bathroom one day in high school, by accident of course. Shane was a slender boy but had a heart that feared no one. He wore wide framed glasses that constantly fell down his nose and Emma found him adorable. Emma was a classic beauty even back then, she wore pleated skirts and ribbons in her long brown hair with an innocent smile and freckles to her ears which made her look as if she was always embarrassed. After high school the duo split as Shane with all his smarts and
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2 Amy Callaway English 4750 Dr. Rausch Workshop charisma decided to go off to school, some ivy leaguer on the north coast. Emma made it to college as well but less than two hours from her family whom she could not see herself without, it was hard enough without Shane. She had a difficult time with life’s little obstacles and would constantly over analyze and dissect interactions she had with people on a daily basis and basically stress herself and would call Shane long distance to cry and he would let her know everything would be all right. He would tell her to
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just_breathe - Amy Callaway English 4750 Dr. Rausch...

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