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Study Guide for Midterm Exam Comm. 2280 Dr. Liz Desnoyers-Colas Chapter 2 Three questions to ask when searching for a topic General purpose Specific purpose Central idea Main idea Chapter 3 Ethics Free speech Plagiarism Oral citation Written citation How to listen ethically How to listen critically Chapter 4 Steps of the listening process (select, attend, understand, remember) Barriers to effective listening Steps to becoming a better listener Critical listening Critical thinking How to give feedback to others, yourself Chapter 5 Open ended questions Closed ended questions Audience analysis Types of audience analyses Identifying, responding to nonverbal audience cues Chapter 6 Brainstorming Guidelines for selecting a topic (see Chapter 2’s three questions for discovering a
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Unformatted text preview: topic) Chapter 7 Search Engine Internet WWW Directory Evaluating web resources Periodical indexes Examples of references resources Conducting an interview Preliminary bibliography Chapter 8 Types of illustrations Descriptions Explanations Types of definitions Types of analogies Statistics Types of testimonies How to use quotations How to select the best supporting material Chapter 9 Five organizational patterns of main ideas Recency Primacy Specificity Complexity Signposts Types of transitions Previews Types of summaries Chapter 10 Purpose of introductions Types of introductions Purpose of conclusions Types of conclusions...
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Study%2bGuide%2bfor%2bMidterm%2bExam%2bComm - topic Chapter...

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