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Upgraded Speech Topic List for Comm. 2280 1. My favorite book 2. My all time favorite movie 3. The TV show I wished they’d bring back… 4. When I graduate I’d like to… 5. My most favorite food 6. Should rap music be censored? 7. Should the US government bring back the draft? 8. Why I like cell phones 9. Why I hate cell phones 10. Is pro wrestling on TV fake? 11. Why I love reality shows 12. Why I hate reality shows 13. Should gays be allowed to adopt children 14. Should senior citizens be forced to give up their drivers’ license after a certain age? 15. Should universities have required courses for students? 16. My favorite vacation spot 17. My most favorite commercial 18. Who will win the Super Bowl? 19. Should college athletes be paid for playing sports? 20. Will Osama Bin Laden ever be found? 21. My most favorite season of the year is… 22. The best class I ever took was… 23. The worst class I ever took was… 24. The greatest male athlete of the all time was (is)… 25. The greatest female athlete of all time was (is)
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Unformatted text preview: 26. Should pro athletes be suspended indefinitely for using steroids 27. How to prepare for a hurricane 28. Should big bellied men be allowed to go shirtless on the beach? 29. Should women be allowed to go topless on the beach? 30. How long will the Iraqi Conflict last? 31. My most favorite song 32. My most favorite singer 33. Should music artists use sexually explicit content in their videos? 34. How many tattoos are too many? 35. What I love about Savannah 36. What I hate about Savannah 37. What I love about AASU 38. What I hate about AASU 39. Should AASU have a football team? 40. How to conserve on gasoline prices in you drive an SUV 41. Who will be the next President of the United States? 42. Will Michael Vick ever play in the NFL again? 43. Will Savannah ever have a pro sports team? 44. Should Armstrong and Savannah State become one school? 45. Why I need to have my ride pimped 46. Should MTV give Britney another chance?...
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This note was uploaded on 09/11/2010 for the course COMM 2280 taught by Professor Desoyners-colas during the Spring '10 term at Armstrong State University.

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Upgraded%20Speech%20Topic%20List%20for%20Comm-1 - 26....

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