Life is full of decisions

Life is full of decisions - Morrow 1 Todd Morrow Mr....

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Morrow 1 Todd Morrow Mr. Hohmann English 101 September 15, 2008 “Decisions” Life is full of decisions. Many decisions are made with the maximum amount of information available, also known as good decisions. Others are made on a whim, with little or no information. These are the decisions that, more often than not, we live to regret. I have been told by many important people in my life, that I make the latter; rash careless decisions that often lead to head ache or heart ache in the future. I am not saying I am incapable of making good decisions. I am. I made the mature decision to join the armed forces at a very young age for the purposes of gaining job skills, and college financing, in order to secure a better future for myself and my future family. The decision immediately following; which branch to join? I was in NJROTC for three years in high school and enjoyed it; so naturally, the Navy was a big draw. My brother and his friend joined the Army shortly after high school, and said that they hated every minute of it, so that was obviously out. I didn’t see myself as a Marine, and never really gave any thought to the Air Force, so I was off to the Navy. One of my brother’s
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Morrow 2 other friends had joined the Navy as a Nuke, aka nuclear technician, and was doing very well so that was what I wanted to be, a Nuke. I went to the recruiters’ office in Mesa, AZ just before starting my senior year of high school. There was only one man in the office, a very large man in a khaki uniform. He greeted
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Life is full of decisions - Morrow 1 Todd Morrow Mr....

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