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Todd Morrow Professor Hohmann English 101 Hybrid Annotated Bibliography November 24, 2008 Drug use in the United States has been a heated topic of discussion since prohibition of the 1920’s. The physical and mental effects of marijuana are of specific interest to me because they are not significantly different than those of other legal drugs like tobacco and alcohol. The use of marijuana has been illegal in the United States since1937. Over the course of time its possession, in minor amounts, has been decriminalized in several states, Arizona being one of them. Several states have also made it legal to prescribe marijuana to aid in the treatment of pain for a variety of different diseases. I would like to do some research into the side effects of marijuana, both positive and negative. Through the course of my research I hope to find out some negative side effects, and compare those side effects to drugs that are legal for use by adults in the privacy of their own homes and in acceptable public places, in order to determine for myself whether or not marijuana should taken off of the list of illegal drugs, and placed on the same list as tobacco and alcohol. I am citing three articles here that I found during my research comparing the negative side effects of marijuana to sober people. The first article titled “Real world memory and executive processes in cannabis users and non-users” compares he mental abilities of cannabis users to non users using widely accepted clinical tests. The second article, “Negative consequences associated with dependence in daily cannabis users” compares two groups of daily cannabis users, one group meeting the definition of dependent on the drug, and the other not, in order to see if cannabis dependent users suffer more from adverse cannabis side effects. The final article that I am citing here is titled “A study investigating the acute dose response effects of 13mg and 17mgD 9 tetrahydocannabinol on cognitive—motor skills, subjective and autonomic measures in regular users of marijuana”. This article is doing exactly
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AB - Todd Morrow Professor Hohmann English 101 Hybrid...

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