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Todd Morrow English 101 Hybrid Mr. Hohmann Assignment Four December 3, 2008 My writing has greatly improved as a result of taking English 101. From the first assignment to the last, I have been getting constructive criticism from multiple sources. These sources varied from peer to instructor, with a few steps in between. The assignments were also varied, yet were centered on a common theme, which made the class more interesting. Prior to coming to class, I had heard of the “This I believe” web site, and had even heard a few of the essays on National Public Radio. I had never however read any other essay than the few featured essays posted on the web sites home page the few times that I was there. Now, I find myself going to the web site and looking for essays that are about things that interest me. The exposure to “This I believe” essays makes this class worth it to me. On the very first homework assignment, I was supposed to summarize a “this I believe” essay. This did not seem overly complicated to me, however I was unaware of the distinct differences between summary and paraphrase. I have not taken a writing based class in the six years since I graduated high school, and had seemed to forget that difference. That was a valuable lesson to learn early in the semester. The first true writing assignment of the semester was to compose a “This I believe” essay of my very own, slightly extended of course to meet the requirements of a college essay. I chose the topic of making good decisions in life, and how you must live with those decisions that you
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make that may not be the best. I told the story of how I had joined the Navy right out of high school with little information about the actual Navy life, and how that life would affect my family and friends. Naturally I found this subject easy to write about and quickly cranked out a four page rough draft for class on that Monday. When I brought in my rough draft I was
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ass_4[1] - Todd Morrow English 101 Hybrid Mr. Hohmann...

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