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BUS100_PROJ2A_TMorrow - WHY Why this person Give me 75-100...

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Project 2, Part A – The Interview BUS100PROJ2AFLast Part A: Submit who are you going to interview? 10 points Project Objectives: 1. To select, schedule and submit the name of a professional business person that reflects a job you are interested in acquiring in the future. 2. To conduct an interview in detail (take notes or record your answers for this write-up) and reflect upon those answers as they affect you) Memo To: Professor Gayle Haro From: Todd Morrow Date: February 28, 2010 Re: BUS100PROJ01 TMorrow. rtf The Interview Person WHO Who you plan to interview? Roger Baker The title of the person: Principle Engineer The company/organization: Salt River Project Address of company: 7050 E University Dr Mesa, AZ 85207 Phone/E-mail: (602)236-6252, [email protected]
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Unformatted text preview: WHY Why this person? Give me 75-100 words. I am interviewing Rodger Baker because he currently holds the position in Salt River that I aspire to hold in the future, principle engineer. He has had great success working for SRP, and is well known in the company. I nothing else, it will get my name out there as a well motivated up and comer in the company, and for people to keep their eyes out for me. Also, he can give me other contact information to other engineers, not only in SRP, but outside the company as well. WHEN When is your interview appointment? March 8, 2010 3:30 PM WHERE Where are you meeting? (Preferred location is at the person’s workplace). His office on Power Road and University....
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BUS100_PROJ2A_TMorrow - WHY Why this person Give me 75-100...

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