Fawakih - Shaykh Tewfiq Class 1

Fawakih - Shaykh Tewfiq Class 1 - Sheikh Tewfiq Class 1...

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Sheikh Tewfiq Class 1 7/31/2009 Ahl As-Sunnah o Definition derived from the methodology used to transmit and understand Hadith. o Follow the Manhaj – curriculum/path of the Sahabi Khawarij and Muatizilat and Shi’i deviated from the path o We belong to the Salaf – As Salih Tafsir o Need to know the cause of revelation of Ayah o Need to understand language and have mastery in Arabic linguistic o Hadith and abrogate and abrogation are all techniques used to perform Tafsir of Quran Its not about what you look like, but its about approach which defines Ahl As- Sunnah wal Jamma You have to study to become Ahl As-Sunnah, not just matter of being born in Ahl As-Sunnah Usool Tafsir is where we will start, for Usool is foundation o This is where differences lie in Tafsir o Tafsir – Science and Ilm, Tafsir has rules and boundaries and criteria o Purpose of Tafsir To understand its meaning To derive the wisdom of Quran Why do you need Tafsir, when Allah (swt) made Quran is easy? It is correct Quran is easy and it has everything and it has all answers, but these answers are in form of rules not in detail – Quran gives Usool of Muamilat, Aqauid etc The Prophet (S) made detail of those rules with his Hadith Then the Scholars specifically Mufassir and Mujtahids made more details so it can applied in our common day A big part of the Quran; Aqaid and Halal wal Haram was left to be explained by the Prophet (S)
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Fawakih - Shaykh Tewfiq Class 1 - Sheikh Tewfiq Class 1...

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