Biology Exam 2

Biology Exam 2 - Chapter 6: Energy Flow in Cells 03:40 What...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 6: Energy Flow in Cells 03:40 What is energy? Energy o Energy = the capacity to do work o Kinetic energy = energy of movement Light Heat Electricity o Potential energy = stored energy Chemical energy Positional energy Laws of Thermodynamics 1. Conservation of energy Amount of energy in a closed system remains constant 2. When converted from one form to another, useful energy decreases Entropy increases (measures randomness or disorder in a system) Potential Energy to Kinetic Energy o 100 units of chemical energy 75 units heat energy + 25 units kinetic energy (Motion) Energy Flow on Earth o Solar energy producers (plants) Primary Consumers (herbivores) secondary consumers (carnivores) Everything dies and gets decomposed Ultimately all energy converted gets released as heat in the environment How Does Energy Flow in Chemical Reactions? Chemical reaction: forming and/or breaking chemical bonds among atoms o Reactants: starting materials o Products: results of the reaction Exergonic Reaction energy is exiting the reaction (pg. 101) o (6-2a) o activation energy energy needed to ignite reaction Endergonic Reaction energy is being put into reaction (pg. 101) o (6-2b) Coupled Reactions (6-3) o Exergonic reaction provide the energy needed for endergonic reaction How is Cellular Energy Carried Between Coupled Reactions? Phosphorylation & ATP (6-4) ATP Synthesis: Energy is Stored pg 104 o Endothermic reaction ATP Breakdown: Energy is Released Coupled Reactions: Within Living Cells (6-5) Electron Carriers (6-6) How do Cells Control Their Metabolic Reactions?...
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Biology Exam 2 - Chapter 6: Energy Flow in Cells 03:40 What...

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