Changes - Immigrants take the job and stay there, they are...

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Changes Westward Expansion Democratization Transportation revolution Growth of manufacturing o Most happens in the north o 1820-1840 o Transport revolution turns US into big national market o 1920 was the first time US becomes Urban country o Mostly rural farm areas o Trend where larger percentages would go into cities o Steam engines allow factory owners to place factories in population centers o Factories had to be located at specific places on a river because it was powered by water wheels o Workers= long hours low pay o Very closely supervised, little freedom o Back then, this was opportunity o Long hours on farms with no pay, factories long work with pay o Factories working conditions began to deteriorate due to competition Women start complaining about low pay and conditions Women begin to leave and immigrants take their place Start to see a permanent labor force
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Unformatted text preview: Immigrants take the job and stay there, they are desperate • Immigration o Poor, uneducated o Catholics o Catholics still minority o Rumors about catholic beliefs, pope is satan o Riots begin between everyone o Feared that they would take over the nation Responses • Republican motherhood o Interesting new role of mothers in the US o Was up to women to be able to sustain the trepublic o They couldn’t vote or hold office, but they had to raise children to grow up to be good citizens and carry the republic on o Emergence of public schools o Women needed education to teach o Must be taught as boys were • Revivals o Jump in church attendance • Reform o Temperance o Education o Health reform • Riots • Abolitionism • Womens rights • Utopian society...
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Changes - Immigrants take the job and stay there, they are...

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