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“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world”- Ludwig Wittgenstein Language has been the reason why my once small world expanded. I was born and raised in the United States of America, but as a child I did not speak English. I grew up with my parents but my grandparents had more influence on my language then my parents did. My grandparents did not speak English. They spoke Guajarati which is the language spoken in Gujarat; a state in India. By growing up with them I spoke Guajarati instead of English. I attended a private school for my pre-school year. That private school did not really make any effort to teach me proper English. My English at that time was improper; I would make incomplete sentences when I spoke. My parents thought that by putting in a private school I would be able to speak English properly, but that did not happen. I went through an entire year in that school without having any type of improvement to my English. Finally, I transferred to a public school. From the day I entered the public school I felt my life change. Mrs. Oles, my kindergarten teacher, was the nicest lady I had ever met in my life. She knew that I was unable to speak proper English; instead of babying me, she would correct my mistakes and teach me the proper way to say something. She was the reason that I made an effort to learn proper English. I remember when she wouldn’t let me use the bathroom until I asked properly. Once I actually went in my pants. That day was a turning point, from then on I never asked a question without practicing. That was the day when I officially began to learn the English Language. By the end of my year in kindergarten I was able to speak English with complete sentences. When I entered first grade I was admitted in the ESL program (English Second Language). Believe it or not but I knew the most English in my ESL class. The teacher used me
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to help other students with class work in ESL. I was the star student in ESL thanks to Mrs. Oles. After going to the program for a year I was given the choice of leaving because I was able to speak properly, but my parents made me stay in ESL for another year just to be on the safe side. Those two years in ESL were some of the best years I had in school. We had authors come read to us and we went on a lot of field trips. All my fun came to an end when the second grade came to a close. I was no longer in ESL as a third grader. I was finally a regular student in class. During
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final_copy - The limits of my language mean the limits of...

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