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Quiz-4-Key - Quiz 4 F09 BIO315H U F F L L L L L L I I I M V...

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U C A G F S Y C U U F S Y C C L S Stop Stop A L S Stop W G L P H R U C L P H R C L P Q R A L P Q R G I T N S U A I T N S C I T K R A M T K R G V A D G U G V A D G C V A E G A V A E G G The DNA molecule below codes for a short protein signal molecule with no introns. From the sequence below write sequence of the expected mRNA and then the complete protein sequence that you would expect ribosomes to produce in a cell: 5 ʼ - GGGCTAATAATTCGCTTCCATCGCGGAAATATCCATTTATTC -3
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