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Unformatted text preview: In the first article "Perhaps We Should Move to Save Dogs from Their Owners" the writer states the danger of letting dogs ride in the back of the pickup t rucks on state’s major highways or major roads, The author also concentrating on the safety issue about this act for the dogs and other drivers, in the fourth paragraph it is stated that “ if your truck hits a bump, or if you step on the brakes suddenly or swerve to avoid an obstacle, your dog can be easily be thrown from the t ruck bed and onto the road. Chances are, this will injure or kill your dog. But even if it doesn’t, being struck by another vehicle probably will. Also, other drivers may cause an accident by swerving to avoid hitting your dog.” And he also use some statistics to prove his point, an estimate of 100,000 are killed each year by falling or tossed out of the back of pickup t rucks. And his question still remain if there is going to be an enforcement low to regulate the transporting of dogs on the beds of pickup t rucks.enforcement low to regulate the transporting of dogs on the beds of pickup t rucks....
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