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discussion 4 - The most important characteristic of good...

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The most important characteristic of good storytelling is its size. It is always short. The main intention of reading a short story is to reach the climax of the story within a short period of reading. The interest of the reader is the future of the short story writer. If the reader loses his interest, he will reject the writer as well as the story. The number of characters is another fact, to which is salient. The characters- unlike a novel- should be a minimum. If there are too many (named) characters in a short story, it will hinder the enthusiasm of the reader, since he has to struggle to keep the memory updated of names within the short reading time. The language should not be too difficult in a short story. The main intention of the story is to deliver the message, to the reader. The words. The climax could be emerged in any moment of the story, but the reader should not predict this. By reading the two stories”The Art of Eating Spaghetti” and “What Is a Hunter?” I
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