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In this story, I would say that Susan Brady Konig style is a sarcasm dialogue narrative; she uses the very easy and simple words to understand her point of view. She does not like the fact that her two years old daughter Sarah was being taught about culture diversity in preschool because she does not think that any child in this age will be able or ready to understand this concept. The characteristics of this story in my point of view is the simplicity and clarity in the use of the language, the purpose of the story was very clear for the reader to know and the address of the article “They’ve Got to Be Carefully Taught” which is the main idea and purpose of the story. I think the style of Susan Konig’s writing is very effective, because for me as a reader this was a very
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Unformatted text preview: interesting and the purpose was very clear which is the teachers should know exactly what they teaching these very young children because sometimes without knowing they teach them the wrong ideas about things. “Thanks to the concerted efforts or their teachers, these two- and three years olds are talking about things that separate rather than connect. And Sarah only knows what she has been taught: Little Henry is white, her daddy’s from Iceland and New York’s in France. I enjoyed Christina response, she explain’s the techniques and the presentation of the story very well....
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