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discussion 7 - When I think about cause-effect there is two...

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When I think about cause-effect, there is two situations came to my mind: First, failing a course in college is a situation many students in college have experienced. As a student, receiving a "D" in a class left me feeling like a failure, and, for the lack of a better word, stupid. A failing grade is not randomly dealt, however, as there are several factors that lead me to receive an "F". Most of the time, these factors can be pointed out, and a cause and effect relationship can be established. The first, and most obvious, thing I must do to pass a course is to show up for class. I always rely on a friend or other classmates to give me important information on a course that I do not like to attend. However, people make mistakes so misinformation on test dates and homework assignments can lead to work handed in late, doing the wrong assignment, and, perhaps most detrimental, not showing up for a test. Finally, if I am not willing to put forth the effort necessary to pass a course, it will cause me to fail.
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