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After reading “Kids in the Mall: Growing up Controlled” article by: William Kowinski and how he related the subject of kids spending long time in the mall as a cause that leads to many effects. For example, having their first smoke or kiss or even losing their virginity, that’s when he say “they may have smoked their first cigarette or first joint or turned them down, had their first kiss or lost their virginity in the mall parking lot”. And he was talking about the different life style inside the mall and how they learning new things to deal with it that’s when he says”They are learning the ways of a large-scale artificial environment: its subtleties and flexibilities, its particular pleasure and resonances, and the attitudes it fosters”. Yes the selected effects and causes still relevant to today’s teenagers and mall experience. Every time I go to the mall I
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Unformatted text preview: witness that myself, group of kids here and there smoking or looking for troubles, but on the other hand there is lots of kids that I see at the book store reading or browsing around the store looking for interesting books. Me as a taxi driver I experience what William Kowinski is talking about almost every day, when I pick up a group of three or four kids in the age range of 13 to 16 years old from the mall going to their homes and how they smell like cigarettes, and their conversation is way beyond their age which is mostly about sex, not all of them like that I still see the good ones that they take about their school work and what they read today and what’s they going to accomplish tomorrow. I like Stephanie post and how she gave an example of herself when she used to work at the mall during her high school period....
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