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discussion 9 - other people think and view what is...

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After reading the two articles, I agree with “why reality TV is good for us” because reality television is so good and popular because there aren't any good actors or actresses in this world any more, therefore, people have now been creating shows that deal with ordinary people; we are far more entertaining than all those actors and actresses. People like reality TV because they like to see others making actual life time mistakes. For example, a show such as ” Joe Millionaire _which set up twenty women to court construction worker Evan Marriott by telling them he was multimillionaire-as hilarious as its fool’s-gold chase can be. Even the show’s Potemkin Croesus contends that producers hid the show’s premise from him until the last minute”, writer say. The audience enjoys watching reality television because there are no actual roles to be played or particular lines to be said; people are simply expressing how they truly feel. Personally, I think that reality television is as real as it gets. I enjoy watching those types of shows because it's interesting to know how
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Unformatted text preview: other people think and view what is happening. I suppose that is another reason why reality television is very popular. In conclusion, reality TV is good for us because the audience admires the types of people who are just being themselves and in order to show that they tune in to these programs! I don’t agree with “A Nation of Idol-Worshipers,” article, because I was hearing the writer sarcasm tone while attacking the reality TV shows for no reason which I see. For example, when he say ”The startling popularity of American Idol and its knockoffs provides further proof that America is, in the word of writer Neil Postman, amusing itself to death”, also when he say “Today, less than five years after that life-altering outrage, we debate the merits of singers who wish to be seen as an American idol. We encourage our children to worship these idols, to go forth and do likewise....
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