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Barry is speaking to the male audience, by responding snidely to negative stereotypes, and proving that we are lucky to have men. It is a commonly known fact that women think men cannot find anything in the kitchen. Many women believe, "that a man can open a refrigerator containing pounds of assorted meats, poultry, cold cuts, condiments, vegetables, frozen dinners, snack foods, desserts, etc., and ask, with no irony whatsoever, 'Do we have anything to eat". In his article, a woman wrote him asking, "Why do men open a drawer and say, 'Where is the spatula"' instead of, you know, looking for it". He remarked facetiously by saying, "The man does not have time to look for the spatula. Why? Because he is busy thinking". According to Barry we are lucky that men think so much. He says inside a man’s head "his brain is humming like a high-powered computer, processing millions of pieces of information, and producing important insights such as, 'this feels good!'. Barry offer humor on different levels. However, is full of snide generalizations about women. He
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