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Barbara Ehrenreich compares the work ethics and social habits of males and females in her article entitled “Guys Just Want to Have Fun.” According to Ehrenreich, girls are the achievers in today’s world while we boys sit back and play, causing her to conclude that it is the females that will one day rule the world. This may have some truths to it, but gender isn’t the issue. One doesn’t need to drowned himself in a pool of text books and obsessively strive for perfect grades. The social party habits and laid back attitude of people is not going to destroy their futures. There is nothing wrong with having a little fun on your way to a college education. I have learned from personal experience that it doesn’t take a life dedicate solely to studies and work to be an achiever. My older brother was a bookworm, spending the majority of his time studying and doing homework. His hard work did pay off, earning him a spot at the top of his class. He is currently a third year engineering student. I was as opposite as day and night.
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