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Nancy Gibbs does offer a very convincing argument in “Free the Children”. She used an ethical (ethos) argumentative strategy, since the argument appeal based on her personal experience with her daughters. From my own experience it does come to my mind a story of a female relative who had an unhappy childhood; she did not have much of freedom like other kids, for example playing with friends or even as simple as going to the movie theater. This certain relative decided to leave her home on a very young age to experience the freedom somewhere else, and she also realized that if only she had the freedom, this situation wouldn’t never happened, living in a strict environment only pushed her away and made her life complicated. The author believed that children should be free to do what they please in the summer. She wanted her children to make mistakes and break the rules so that they could learn from what they
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Unformatted text preview: did wrong. What she didn't realize is that giving kids too much freedom can have its consequences. By the end of the personal essay, when the author's daughter came home from school a half an hour late one day, the author found her turning point and realized that maybe kids do need discipline sometimes. “I had to take a deep breath and remember that maybe I had neglected to teach her to call home if she was going to be late, because I had never needed to. She is shuttled from school to play date to soccer to chess, and only in the summer does she control her own time and whereabouts at all. Do I punish her for savoring liberty the first time she ever tasted it? So we had a long talk while sitting under a tree before I grounded her for a day.”...
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