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discussion 18 - For example I used to depend a lot on all...

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I started using research tools since my senior year of the Secondary School (High School). I had to do a research paper about Alexandria Lighthouse. My only sources at the time were the school library, and the history teacher. Now I relay most of the time on the internet as a source or tool for my researches. Some of the research tools mentioned in chapter 30 that I have used in the past are library index, and the internet. It was hard at the beginning working with the library index or catalog. The internet was my best choice to collect information regarding my research paper, but there was a problem, is all of these resources are accurate? No it is not, so I have to make sure about the accuracy of the internet resources.
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Unformatted text preview: For example I used to depend a lot on all the Wikipedia website, until I found out that there is lots of false information in that site. This chapter provides many insights for tools to use for research. Some of these tools are Questionnaires, Interviews, Observing, and Corresponding. They are very helpful and reliable sources to collect information for my researches. I like Sean’s post, and how he explained the tools that he uses for his research like periodicals and biographies, and encyclopedias. I will try to use these tools in my next paper....
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