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The source evaluation questions and criteria in Chapter 31 are very reasonable and useful. The author states a list of different questions that I must consider when it comes to evaluate my research sources since not all of my sources are reliable or accurate. The author states; “Not every source you locate will be equally reliable or equally useful to you”. By using the source evaluation questions in chapter 31, I found that some of the internet sources that I was depending on are not very reliable such as
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Unformatted text preview: www.wikipedia.com and more, but when I searched the UNH library database, I found many reliable internet sources that Im going to use, some of these sources are : www.usa.gov and www.campus.westlaw.com . These two websites are very reliable to get some information about my research topic. After reading Gabriellas post. I like how she explains the usefulness of using the source evaluation questions from Chapter 31, and how she applies that to her sources....
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