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1 Dr M.Bray LSE December 2009 EC201 Microeconomic Principles I Christmas Vacation Essay on eBay and Classes 9 and 10 There is an essay on eBay which must be submitted electronically with a deadline of 12 noon on Thursday 14 January. There is also a quiz for class 9 on monopoly and oligopoly. There is no additional work for class 10, your class teacher will use it too catch up if necessary, and also to ask your questions on the material on firms, costs and industrial organization which you should review before the class. Essay on eBay Deadline 12:00 noon Thursday 14 January 2010 Electronic Submission Only Instructions for submission If you do not follow these instructions your teacher will not be able to find and mark your essay. Submit your answers online as a Word file, for a deadline of 12:00 noon Thursday January 14 th 2010. Save your essay on your own computer, as a Word file with a file name title giving your class group number (check your timetable on LSE for You if you do not know this), your teacher’s name, your name, and the topic. For example if you are in class group 7 taught by Elena Manzoni and your name is Margaret Bray your file name should be 7 Manzoni Bray Margaret eBay.doc Put your name, class group, teacher name and e mail address at the top of your essay. 2 Essays and Plagiarism We are of course aware that you can download essays from the web. You can buy essays. You can copy all or part of an essay from another student. All these things are breaches of the LSE Regulations on assessment offences and plagiarism. Paragraph 6.10 of these regulations states that: “All work for classes and seminars as well as scripts (which include, for example, examinations, essays, dissertations and any other work, including computer programs) must be the student's own work. The definition of a student's own work shall include work produced by collaboration expressly permitted by the department or institute concerned. Quotations must be placed properly within quotation marks and must be cited fully and all paraphrased material must be acknowledged completely. Infringing this requirement, whether deliberately or not, or the deliberate or accidental passing off of the work.” Your essay will be checked for plagiarism, using the JISC Plagiarism Detection Service at . This service compares your essay with the web, the essays of current and past EC201 students, and all other work submitted to the JISC service. For EC201 class work you may discuss the material with other students, but you must do the writing independently. Your essay writing is not independent if you use an electronic or paper copy of the essay of another student when writing your essay, or if you give an electronic or paper copy of your essay to another student before that student has submitted his or her essay. Hugh S. Pyper (2000) Avoiding Plagiarism, Advice for Students
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Classes_9-10_and_Christmas_Essay - Essays and Plagiarism Dr...

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