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Manifesto Weldon W. Whitener, standing for Chairman of the Cambridge University Investment Club Importance of the club As a student-run organization, the Cambridge University Investment Club (CUIC) has the unique charm of allowing its members to practice what it preaches; from interfacing with industry leaders to working directly in the Fnancial market. The clubs ability to parlay its members ʼ diverse backgrounds into realized decisions in the market makes it an indispensable resource for all those involved -- from future partners in large investment companies to armchair enthusiast who wish to remain savvy in how investment opportunity can beneFt their lives. Why me? Helping run the CUIC requires a set of individuals who, above all, are highly motivated and able to dedicate the time required to organize the invaluable opportunities the club has come to be known for. As chairman, I anticipate drawing from my previous executive experience serving on other student-run committees in the university (Captain of the
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  • Spring '09
  • gtewewa
  • University of Cambridge, Doctorate, Cambridge University Investment Club, Cambridge University Investment, University Investment Club

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