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Truck Purchase vs Lease Purchase price today Present value of lease: Cash due at signing Present value of monthly payments: 369.44 PMT 4.26 / 12= I/Y 35 N CPT PV Purchase at end of lease: Purchase price Sales tax 0.0625 Total purchase price Total cash outflow Present value of total cash outflow to purchase at end of lease:
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Unformatted text preview: 12,707.20 FV 4.26 / 12= I/Y 36 N CPT PV Total present value of lease Difference in favor of purchasing $19,029.32 $444.44 12,139.14 $11,940.66 746.29 12,686.95 20.25 12,707.20 11,185.24 23,768.82 $4,739.50...
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514_633933898399361452_Truck_Purchase_vs_Lease - 12,707.20...

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