09CirculationFQ - relevant? 6. Is hemoglobin affected by...

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Focus Questions: Circulation 1.   What kinds of animals need a circulatory system and why?  What are the functional subdivisions  of the human circulatory system? 2.   What are the two circuits of the circulatory system and what are their roles? 3.   What determines the direction of gas exchange in the lung and in the tissues? 4.   Why do we need a carrier for oxygen in the blood?  What are the characteristics of the oxygen  binding curve of hemoglobin?  How does this curve relate to the idea of structure and function? 5.   Are all hemoglobins the same?  What characteristics differ and how is this physiologically 
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Unformatted text preview: relevant? 6. Is hemoglobin affected by environmental conditions? If so, is this physiologically relevant? How do organisms take advantage of the Bohr shift to get more O 2 to metabolically active tissue? 7. How is CO 2 carried in blood? Does this involve a change in phase of CO 2 ? What role does the enzyme carbonic anhydrase play? David H. Bos (2009). This material can be used for non-profit educational purposes, if properly attributed. All other uses are prohibited unless written permission is granted....
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09CirculationFQ - relevant? 6. Is hemoglobin affected by...

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