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08MuscleFQ - necessary for this control How is this related...

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Focus Questions: Muscle 1.  What is the structure of muscle?  How is this structure hierarchical? 2.  What is the structure of myofibrils, what proteins are found in myofibrils? 3.  What is the basic unit of contraction in a myofibril?  What proteins are found in this structure and  how are they arranged? 4.  What are the molecular events of contraction?  Outline this process in words and draw a picture  of the cycle showing how actin and myosin interact, how ATP is involved, and how actin and  myosin are moved relative to each other. 5.  How can shortening of 0.5 micron for a sarcomere result in the actual contraction of muscles?  In  a sarcomere, what occurs during contraction?  Do actin and myosin become shorter during  contraction?  How does the shortening change the landmarks of the sarcomere (Z-lines A-bands  etc.)?. 6.  How is contraction controlled?  What molecular event is controlled and what molecules are 
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Unformatted text preview: necessary for this control? How is this related to the arrival of a nerve impulse to the neuromuscular junction? 7. If a muscle were starved of ATP, at what stage in the contraction cycle would it be stopped? 8. The poison curare acts at the neuromuscular junction by blocking the acetylcholine receptor (acetylcholine is the neurtransmitter released at a neuromuscular junction). This prevents receptor signaling and the depolarization of the nerve cell membrane. What would be the effect of this poison on muscle function? At what step in the contraction cycle would contraction be blocked? David H. Bos (2009). This material can be used for non-profit educational purposes, if properly attributed. All other uses are prohibited unless written permission is granted....
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