07NervesFQ - channel 6 What are the basic features of the...

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Focus Questions: Nerves 1.   How is the nervous system organized to allow organisms to respond to the environment?  What  types of neurons are used in the nervous system?  What are the anatomic divisions of the nerve  system? 2.  What is the basic structure of a neuron and a nerve?  What cell types are associated with nerves  and what is their function?   3.  What is a membrane potential and how is it maintained in a resting state? What are the relative  concentrations of the relevant ions we discussed in class inside and outside the cell?  What is the  permeability of the membrane to each of these ions? 4.  What are ligand-gated ion channels? What are they used for?  What is summation?  5.  What are voltage-gated channels and how do they function?  Is the functioning of the Na +  channel  the same as the K
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Unformatted text preview: + channel? 6. What are the basic features of the action potential? What does it look like and is it the same in all neurons? How do the features you listed arise from the functioning of the voltage-gated channels above? What channels are involved and how do they function? 7. How does an action potential propagate? Can it go in only one direction, or is it bi-directional? Why? How can action potential movement be sped up? 8. Is transmission across a synapse the same as transmission along the axon? What kinds of receptors or channels are involved? What types of neurotransmitters are used? David H. Bos (2010). This material can be used for non-profit educational purposes, if properly attributed. All other uses are prohibited unless written permission is granted....
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07NervesFQ - channel 6 What are the basic features of the...

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