01MitosisMeiosisFQ - cell cycle and the mechanics of the...

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Focus Questions: Mitosis/Meiosis 1.  What does the duplication of cells require? 2.  How do prokayotic cells divide? 3.  What are centromeres and kinetochores and what are their roles in the function of chromosomes?  What is the function of cohesin? 4.  How are chromosomes organized in eukaryotic cells?  How are they compacted to fit into cells,  and how are they compacted further to allow them to be separated during cell division? What is  the structure of the nucleosome?  What is its role in the structure of chromosomes? 5.  What are the phases of the cell cycle and what occurs during each phase?  What does it mean to  say that cell division is an oscillation between interphase and mitosis? 6.  What are the phases of mitosis and what is happening during each phase?  Why is anaphase so  important? 7.  Are any steps in the cell cycle irreversible?  What are the implication of this for the control of the 
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Unformatted text preview: cell cycle and the mechanics of the cell cycle? 8. What are cyclins and what is their role in the cell cycle? What are Cdk enzymes and what is their function during the cell cycle? 9. What would happen if you had mitosis without cytokinesis? 10. What is the difference between a homolog and a sister chromatid? Do all chromosomes have sister chromatids? 11. What is the significance of meiosis I and how does it differ from mitosis? How does meiosis II differ from mitosis? 12. Compare and contrast meiosis and mitosis. David H. Bos (2009). This material can be used for non-profit educational purposes, if properly attributed. All other uses are prohibited unless written permission is granted....
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01MitosisMeiosisFQ - cell cycle and the mechanics of the...

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