Glen Cove Court Paper

Glen Cove Court Paper - Driving a vehicle is a privilege...

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Driving a vehicle is a privilege that teens sometimes take for granted. Their actions truly can have life and death consequences. Teens lack the experience that older drivers possess, and sometimes do not recognize how to respond to different scenarios. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), more teens die in motor vehicle crashes than any other cause. This information can be startling because these deaths can be prevented with safe driving. Other agencies have released information showing that one-third of fatal teen accidents were speed related. Recently there have been several teen fatalities in Nassau County involving poor decisions by the driver. One such case of speeding resulting in a fatal accident occurred on Stewart Avenue in Bethpage when Sho Nakamori smashed into a utility pole killing himself and his teenage passenger as well. The driver had been stopped five times in a year and a half for speeding on that very road. His imprudent decisions lead to his death and his innocent passenger’s. In total, the driver accumulated eleven violations; in addition to speeding, he failed to signal while changing lanes along with other offenses. Nakamori appeared in court for his speeding tickets and pleaded guilty for seven
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Glen Cove Court Paper - Driving a vehicle is a privilege...

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