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Singers For singers, music is a very important part in their music career. They show their passion through singing and share it with the whole world. Even though people might criticize their singing or their personal lives, they still keep doing what they love no matter what. People need to have confidence, good voice and passion if they want to pursue a career in singing. Singers who have confidence benefit a lot, because having confidence is quite essential in the singing career. Musicians cannot have stage-fright and think negative thoughts. If they do have those things, what would be the point of being a singer? To be a good singer, you also need to possess a really good singing voice. Nowadays, music industries need singers with good voices like singers Christina
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Unformatted text preview: Aguilera, Madonna, and others. If a singer has a bad voice or doesn’t match the music industry’s taste, they will receive a negative feedback and a lot of criticism, which will also affect their popularity negatively. Lastly, musicians should have passion for singing. Passion should be shown in every singer’s songs. If a singer is not passionate about what they do it shows through their songs, and even their listeners can pick up on that lack of passion. In conclusion, there are three factors that are needed to become a good singer. First, confidence does count in order to be a singer. Second, a good voice helps the singer to become popular. Third, singers should have passion if they love singing....
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